Roon not showing Apple music, but available if I search

I was having trouble adding my Apple Music but got that sorted. Now, if I search for some artists they show up but only 1 album when I have multiple in the library. If I search for the album name it finds it. Any ideas?

Are you missing versions of the same album

Look under the Version tag of that album

No… for example, i search AC/DC and it will show one album when I select them in the search results. If I search specifically for the other albums (Back in Black for example) that will show in my search results and I can play it

AC/DC maybe a bad example with the backslash and the possibility of of spaces before and after the backslashe

Maybe go to Artist view andetails see if you have multiple Ac DC entries , if you have merge them

Roon search is not a good way to see all instances of an artist’s music in one’s library.
Actually, the best way seems to be: Album View->Sort by Artist and then begin to type in the artist’s name. That gives what seems to be the most ‘bug-free’ way of seeing all of an artist’s works. It will show all the Versions side-by-side without the confusion of ‘Versions’ under the individual Album view.
You need to have ‘Show hidden tracks and albums’ (Settings>General) set to ON.
Shouldn’t have to be that way, but it works.

Thanks… I turned on "show hidden tracks… went to album view, sort by artist and search Kenny Chesney. He pops up and when I select it shows one album in the library. If I search another album it comes up through my Tidal subscription but not through my Apple Music Library

I want to understand exactly what you are doing.

exactly what did you do when you say you were ‘searching for Kenny Chesney’?

Where is he popping up? and what do you mean by ‘it shows one album in the library’?
What you are seeing is strange and not normal. But I want to understanding exactly what you are doing. The way you are describing things doesn’t seem like what you’d see if my direction was followed.

I think I got it… the directory had a mistake in it getting Roon to my Apple Music Folder. Seems to be importing everything now. Thanks for the help

Awesome! Glad you figured things out

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