Roon not showing core as audio zone

I have an Antipodes DX, and have been running Roon software on it for a couple of years. Strangely, the “audio zone“ that corresponds to the Antipodes has disappeared. It still shows that the Antipodes is serving as my core, it’s just that it’s no longer an audio zone I can use for playback. I have gone into the Antipodes GUI and updated the Roon software and rebooted the Antipodes but still no luck.

How are you connected to your playback device. If it is by USB, that needs to be plugged in. If it is in, try another USB or change the cable.

Hello @Joseph_Foster,

The Antipodes DX will only show as an audio zone if there is a USB DAC connected to it for output. In addition, you must set the “Audio App Switcher” to “Roon Ready” for the device to appear as a playback zone.


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