Roon not showing every new qobuz favourite in album view

Hi all

I have some kind strange behavor of album view. The first Scan of database brought every stored albums and qobuz favorites in my album view. This is as I expect. But now if I add favorites in the qobuz app the album will not appear in roon album view as new! Only very few of them will show up. But they will all appear in roon in qobuz section as my favorit albums.

I run my server core in synology ds918+ very fine. Everything runs ok and music is playing without a hassle. Is there a problem with qobuz integration at the moment? Or can I do someting to work with qobuz favorits?


Hi @flan,

Please accept our apologies for the troubles here. We currently have a ticket in with our team regarding an issue with some albums syncing and are working with Qobuz on a solution. I can’t provide any specific time frames for when this will be resolved but I’ll be sure to keep you updated once more information is available.

Getting this too today. All favourites have worked ok bit today non of the new releases I added as favourites synced through.

Hi @flan,

We have worked with Qobuz to resolve this issue and things appear to be working now. Can you try giving your Core machine a reboot and let us know if things are working as expected now?


Hi @dylan
It seems to working fine with a little delay, but syncing correctly.
What will be the estimatet maximum delay?

Thank you for your work and help with this issue!


Hi @flan,

We periodically sync with Qobuz automatically, but you can go to the Qobuz section of Roon and click the Refresh icon to initiate a sync manually.

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