Roon not showing full track title from Tidal

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Windows 10 64bit
Roon Version 1.7 (build 536) stable (64bit)

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Description Of Issue
I noticed many electronic EP’s are not showing the full track title in Roon. Not sure if there is a setting somewhere that I should be aware of to fix this?

E.g. refer Oliver Huntemann - Tranquilizer 2.0 (source: Tidal). You can see Tidal at the top and Roon at the bottom.


I wonder if this needs to move to the metadata area?

I found an old post from 2018 stating Roon deliberately remove the stuff in brackets from track titles.
Truncating this information is a really bad solution, as you can no longer search for and identify specific tracks. Can this be looked at?

Oddly these ones are still showing.

Is this a TIDAL album? What are your import settings (are you preferring track titles from files)?

Hi, yes Tidal is the source. All my settings are default. I tried changing the import settings for track’s title to prefer file but didn’t do anything. Assume these settings are for your local library, not streaming services?

Is someone from Roon able to take a look at this bug?

My guess is support are dealing a number of new B536/7 issues and will get to this in due course.

Hi @KDH,

Right now this extra information from TIDAL does not display in Roon. We are investigating how to improve things in the future, but at this time we can’t provide any timeframes for when this might happen.


Ok, thanks for letting me know @dylan

As much as I like the consolidation that Roon offers, I might be best off using Tidal naively and playing my local music files by other means.

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Hi @dylan checking in a year later, do you know if this information has been added?

When you listen a lot to electronic music, like I do, so many tracks are remixed by other artist. It is kind of unbelievable we do not have an option to enable the info in the brackets. Too many times I’m looking at an EP where the track name is displayed 3 times identically, and easily more: without the remix information I can only guess which version is playing???

Just make it an option to enable it and to search on it. Those bracket are very widely used in song titles, especially music made in the last 3 decades. :rofl: If some people do not like it, all the power to them, and give the option to disable like it currently is.

The logic to not completely display track title name does not make any sense.

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