Roon not showing Metadata correctly in File Info

Here’s a screenshot of the Roon File Info and the dBPoweramp metadata input.
Take a look at the ‘Artist’ fields. Is this a bug?

Why don’t you explicitly say what you think is wrong? From what I can see, they look exactly the same.

Hi @Neill_Strickland,

Can you share a screenshot of the following:

  • Settings > Library > Import Settings
  • The main album page for this particular album


Hi Dylan

Here you go:

Thanks, @Neill_Strickland.

Based on what we are seeing here things appear to be okay.

On the album details page you can see that Roon is identified, so Roon’s data is being presented here. Your import settings are also set to show Roon data, so that seems all good.

In the screenshot below in Red you can see that we are reading the artist data from your tags (we removed a space after the semicolon, but otherwise it’s the same). Meanwhile, Roon’s data is shown in blue (which is the same but split out as two artists and the ALBUMARTIST is set as Various Artists):

If you have any questions about this please let us know, but at first glance things seem to be okay here.

Got it. Thanks Dylan, so it’s just a funky way that dBpoweramp’s tag data is shown?

Or in other words: As one has to click on File Tags to get to this information window, it’s unexpected to see Roon’s tags here besides the expected file tags.