Roon not showing new Qobuz album

Roon hosts its own cloud database for the content of Tidal and Qobuz your not searching direct and not via the API. This allows Roon then to be able to do what it does in regards to it library management with the ability to edit the metadata, change the artwork etc on streaming music so it’s treated the same as local files. This then also alllows Roon to allow us to use its grouping abilities, for versions of albums , deep focus searches, filters, bookmarks etc on the same way as local music and not be limited to what the API offers.

It’s one library agnostic of its source. You get the same control of Qobuz media as you do with your own. No other product gives you this. It’s what makes Roon unique in this area. Some are now showing streaming stuff alongside your own but they are still limited to the API on how it can use it.

The drawback is that if they don’t get the updates from the service in time they don’t show until the next update which tends to be a few days later. Some albums drop very close to the cut off and these are the ones that get missed out. It happens to both services.


@Sebastian_Tomita FYI, The Last Goodbye is now available for streaming from Qobuz in Roon.