Roon not showing the full library

I have a NUC Rock installation that should mirror a library on my network.
That library looks like this:
Tracks: 98,201
Overview: 98,261
FLAC 97,884
MP3 407

J River
Tracks: 98,291
FLAC 97,884
MP3 407

If I look at the network library, I see a total of 98,291 tracks in J River made up of 97,884 FLAC files and 407 MP3 files - verified by a filetype search of the disk

In Roon, I see that Overview reports 98,261 tracks while the tracks view shows 98,201.
A search of the NUC disk shows the same number and types of files as on the network.

Why does Roon show two different track counts in Overview and Tracks?
Why does Roon not show the actual number of files that are on the disk?

**Is this related to the fact that when I see the Roon disk on the network I see a foldername: Music_WD_Elements_SE_25FF_575831314438374B34365038_0AAEE272AEE2562B-p1
I have tried to shorten this back to Music in Windows, but the long disk identifier reappears.
I cannot use MP3 to edit these disk tracks when they are connected to the NUC because the total file path is too long for many of the files. Is that also preventing Roon from accessing the missing 90 files?

Thank you for your assistance. Peter

duplicates… try toggling the ‘show/hide’ duplicates in settings

That would make sense, Danny.
I have enabled Show Hidden Tracks and Overview and Tracks display now have the same number of tracks.
Somehow, the 30 track deficit between Roon and J River remains.
I have looked at you Focus view but there you only show the top six Genres, which have a difference of 19 tracks between them.
Can I export the track listing (including Genre) from Roon as the Track view does not include Genre and filtering on artist or album will create too many categories to be useful? Peter

Tracks don’t have grnres in our data model, only albums do.

In settings -> library there is a button that shows you skipped files … maybe that’s your 30?

In settings/library there is a button Skipped Files. This shows one corrupt file.
I have resynced the files between my Windows server and the ROCK, there are 29 (30-1 corrupt) files missing.
Maybe duplicates as you say so I will look a little longer on the Windows machine since J River does not attempt a consolidation across directory paths like Roon. In which cas it is likely that there are different versions and I have not put the version into the file names.
Thank you, Peter

Hey @Peter_Davies1 – have you read this over yet:’t_showing_up_in_Roon

If you’re able to locate some of the files that are missing, and they don’t match any of the reasons cited in that article, let us know – we’d be happy to take a look at the media.


Thank you, Danny and Mike.
I was never able to find the button Danny referred to.
I exported all the track data from JRiver and was able to ran a matching algorithm. I did indeed have duplicates of two albums: one by Genre and one with a misspelling of the Album Artist.
That takes care of that!
Any chance that we can fix the Roon Genre hierarchy issue?