Roon not showing updated new releases on Qobuz

I’m a new Roon user and a veteran Qobuz user.
I was excited to hear that Roon now supports Qobuz and decided to try it out.
So far it seems to work great (I’m using a Roon Server on my computer server and connecting via Roon Remote on my iPhone).
Every Friday, Qobuz releases a set of new albums shown in their “discover/new releases” section. I can see these new releases on the Qobuz dedicated app but not on Roon through the Roon Remote.
Why is that?

Thanks in advance,

You are right. The new updated catalog from today is not in Roon. Only the one from yeterday backwards. Hmm…

It’s likely to be the same “issue” as with Tidal new releases. Roon parses the streaming provider’s content on a fixed schedule so there can be a lag between it appearing in Tidal/Qobuz and Roon.

It’s usually no more than 24h.

So I have a workaround… This is what I get wenn I look at Qobuz New Releases. The view of the last days:

Now I go into the “Select Genre Menue” and disable one checkbox. And now the updated catalog is visible (but without that I disabled).

As long as I select genre, it seems to update well enough.
What I also like is that when I ‘add to library’ from within Roon, the album is also marked as a favourite within Qobuz ie works both ways.
All in all, quite pleased with the integration.

This is a different issue to Roon parsing the database.

If it works in any way similar to Tidal, the “New Releases” tab of Qobuz is in no way exhaustive - it would be better described as “selected new releases”.

In Tidal, one has always had to browse the individual genre tabs to see a full view of new releases.

Some hours later and done nothing but wait and all the new albums appear :sunglasses:

Does the Qobuz (or Tidal for that matter) integration surface Relevant new releases to me?
ie, I have x & y artists in my library, with all of Roon’s discovery and metadata features, does integrating with a streaming service allow Roon to bring all the relevant new releases of artists I already have in my library to my attention?

Thanks! I also noticed that.
A bit disappointing, as part of my Friday morning (European time) routine is to look into and listen to new releases…

@support Currently worse here:

‘My Qobuz’ only syncing playlists. New releases and Taste of Qobuz similarly empty. Resyncing does not help and I suspect that the "Sync Library Now’ button doesn’t do anything meaningful anyway - it is way too fast telling me it has reynced and updating the Last Sync Time. Disabling and re-enabling Qobuz seems to work though, but that is a p*** poor solution especially when listening to streamed tracks.

UPDATE: Spoke to soon. Disabling and re-enabling Qobuz did something ( my favourites and purchases reappeared) but after 20 minutes Taste of Qobuz still remains empty and under New Releases, only 18 of the 271 albums now showing come with artwork. Worse, when clicking on any of them about half the time I get to see:


Servers overwhelmed?