Roon not starting after recent November update

I had the same problem. It looks like Roon “bundled” Roon Server with Roon? I can’t find a download for Roon Server alone anymore. I downloaded the newest Roon for Mac on my machine I previously used as the server, opened it and, when it asked to find the server, it also gives an option to make that computer the server. Choose that and it adds Roon Server where it previously was. I actually had to delete an old version of Roon on the machine and disable the old Roon Server so it wouldn’t start when I login. Otherwise activity monitor shows RoonServer but it’s not running and you can’t close the processes. I hope that helps someone. Too bad this company sucks at support.

I suggest you read the Release Notes.

I did. That’s how I figured out I needed to install Roon rather than keep searching for Roon Server. Those of us that have Roon Server on a separate, headless device, and just update when it asks to update, may not see everything that’s happening. The Software Release Notes and the solutions are not written very well. They read very “technical” and will/do confuse.

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Hi @Quicksilver,
I’m recategorizing this as feedback. The product team will read this and take it into consideration.

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