Roon not starting automatically on OSx 10.12 Sierra

I’ve recently reinstalled my Mac Mini from scratch with osx 10.12 sierra, ever since then Roon won’t start until the network drive is connected.

I suspect it may be an osx issue but I have roon core set to auto start as well as network drive where my music is stored.

The Mini is set to shut down at 0100 and switch back on at 1700 every day as it is headless but I now have to VNC onto it and click connect for the network drive. Only then will roon core start.

I assume there are some roon files or DB located on the networked music folder that roon needs to see before it starts.

Can I move these files to the local disk in the Mini so that roon at least starts?

thankfully I did read about that “silly” Sierra bug (reported by testers to Apple since bata1!!!) before updating so… I kept my headless Mac mini on 10.11.6 (my Mac mini is set to shut down every night and I manually turn it back on when needed)

sorry: no help :frowning:
just curious to see if someone has a solution for making it work again in Sierra

Yeah. Fun issues with making persistent network drive connections from Mac OS to nas drive. This is just not good. I think usb drive would be better, or Apple FireWire drive or whatever is current Apple proprietary drive.