Roon not starting under Windows 10 after last Windows updates

Roon Core Machine

Core: QNAP TVS872XT 16GB
Remote: Dell XPS 9570 i7 16GB Windows 10, all latest updates done.

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Asus AX routers and several Raspberry Pi’s

Connected Audio Devices

Number of Tracks in Library


Description of Issue

On my Dell XPS that I use as a remote towards Raspberry Pi4, since the Windows updates and Dell Updates of last week, Roon crashes at start-up.

This is the windows error message I get :

and this one

I reinstalled Roon on that Laptop, restarted Roon on the Nas, and it still keeps turning but not starting on that PC

On my other PC’s that I also use as a remote I have no issues, any idea what I can do?

Thank you,

Have you tried downloading a fresh copy of the Roon application and re-installing it on the Dell?

Try reinstalling the video driver of you video card from the OEM web site, Windows updates tend to overwrite the driver with their “best fit”

Roon is very graphics oriented :roll_eyes:

Then reboot everything

Often works

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@Mike_O_Neill ok thank you will try that and indeed there was a graphic card driver update last weekend (GTX1650)

@Carl yep, already tried that one, thank you

@Mike_O_Neill it was the nvidia graphics driver…
thank you,

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I had an example where an audio driver silenced my wife’s pc

Glad it worked

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