Roon not starting Windows 10

Hi William, a few questions to help the Support devs help you:

What was the original OS ?
Where is your music library stored ? What file system does it use ? Can Windows 10 see it ?
When Windows 10 started, did it identify any other library and give you a choice between controlling that library or this computer ? If so, which did you select ?
Were you ever asked to authorise a new computer for your licence ? If so, how did you respond ?

It may also be helpful if you could briefly describe the other components in your system and network..

Those things should help get this fixed quickly for you.

Hello Andrew

Original OS was Win 10. Music library is stored on a connected drive,
currently F:. My Audio drive is C: My original drive is now E: and my
storage drive is D: Normal windows filing system. Windows 10 can see it.
When windows starts I ahve a choice of Audio, Win10 or Win 8.1, I select
Audio. If I select Win 10 everything on that drive works as per normal. i
was never asked to authorise a new computer for my licence.

Currently Windows 10, two external drives, 3 internal. On Win 10 drive -
Roon, HQPlayer, Fidelizer 7.3, USB to ifi USB Power, TeraDak U9 PSU, ifi
microDac, Creek Evolution 50A, Rotel Rb990BX, B&W 685 s2 and Magnepan
Magneplanars and Martin Logan sub. As I say, everything is working fine on
this drive, it is just that it has a number of other programmes on it and I
was trying to run the audio drive with only the bare minimum of processes,
however haven’t been able to even get to that point due to Roon not wanting
to start.

Thanks for the assist.

Thanks William,

So just to clarify:

In your boot menu:
Audio boots a Windows 10 (AO optimised) on C:
Win10 boots a Windows 10 on E:
Win8.1 boots a Windows 8.1 on (E: ?)

Roon was originally installed on E: and works normally on a Win10 boot.

Have you installed Roon on C: also or when you boot Audio are you using the installation of Roon on E: ?

Audio boots from a Win 10 on C:
Win 10 boots from a Win 10 on E:
and there is a storage disk on D:
the 8.1 that was on E: is now Win 10

Roon was and is originally on E: it is working normally. I have both downloaded and attempted to run Roon from E: whilst in Audio C: with negative result. If it is not possible I suppose I could migrate all the programmes on E: and make it the Audio drive, but there is a lot of programmes/games on there.