Roon not staying signed in - QNAP Core

This is still happening on my QNAP. @Yinka_Oyesiku: where on the site is the QNAP pkg? The updated version doesn’t seem to be in the QNAP store yet.

For me, I keep having to re-authorize, which means I have to de-authorize my existing instance and restore from the latest backup.

On the homepage scroll down to the first topic which is “Fix for recurrent Authorization Prompt”. Below this title there is a paragraph and below the paragraph there is a link in red for the Qnap 2020-06-19 update. Click to download and manually install it on your NAS.


Hello @8BitKid, Yinka_Oyesiku had the right link and directions here. Did this work for you? Let us know!

@nuwriy: I did find the link, thanks. If I manually update the QNAP pkg will it still find updates from the official QNAP Store in the future?

Hello @8BitKid, you won’t have any issues with automatic updates later by running this one manually. You’re good to go!

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