Roon not streaming to Martin Logan Forte amps after update (ref#HR0DL7)

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After last update, Roon stopped streaming to my Martin Logan forte amps. This has worked for a couple of years. Jriver and Tidal work fine. Roon sees the amps but music never plays. I have set the Forte amps in Roon to support legacy protocols and they will not work. Is it possible to rollback the current version of Roon that just installed? Believe something got wonky with Airplay support with the latest release.

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Spectrum internet, amps and roon connected via dedicated switch

Have you tried the AirPlay compatibility setting in the Roon audio device setup (under Advanced settings)?

Geoff - Thx for the reply. I tried this setting as well with no luck. Is there a way to rollback the Roon version?

No, not unless you have saved the previous setup build. Roon Labs don’t support rollbacks. There have been a number of reports of AirPlay issues in this Production build (which weren’t picked up by Early Access customers) so Roon Labs will be investigating what has happened here. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Geoff - Thx for jumping on this. I will switch back to Jriver until Roon releases a new verion

Hi @brucinski,

Thanks for taking the time to write in!

I’m curious - what happens if you add the Martin amp to your Apple Home app first, and then attempt to play audio via airplay from it? Here’s more info on how to do this:

I’ll be on standby for your reply.


Oddly enough, they do not come up in the Home app.

The Forte is an older PlayFI product that supports AirPlay and a variety of other protocols

They still work fine from Apple Devices over wifi, Spotify, Tidal and JRiver

With widespread support for AirPlay, definitely was surprised to have an issue with Roon

I will try updating the PlayFI software on the devices this evening and let you know if that helps

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Benjamin - I updated the Forte amps to all the latest firmware/software. Still no luck with Roon but all other sources work fine.

My apologies @brucinski could you also give your Roon Server a reboot twice, and then let me know if your issue persists?

Thank you!


Rebooted twice, same deal

Roon did not apply any updates

Hi @brucinski,

Thanks for the update.

This is an interesting bit of info. Do they show up now, after you’ve updated the firmware?

To confirm, all your Roon devices are on the same local network subnet, correct?

Lastly, our team is having difficulties enabling diagnostics on your Roon Server, could you please use the directions found here and send over a set of logs to our File Uploader?

Thank you! :pray:

Benjamin - Confirmed, all the devices are on the subnet connected to the same switch as the roon core. I will run a few tests so they are at the top of the log and send over. Thank you for the support!

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