Roon not syncing Qobuz albums

Hello folks, this is my first post here. Please excuse my lengthy post.

I’ve recently had a couple of weeks trial with Roon and picked up another month trial code, I’m really enjoying it, I’ve been using it with Tidal and recently in the last week or so moved to Qobuz because of the high res upgrade.

When using it with Tidal I’ve had zero problems, I now use it solely with Qobuz - I’ve just opened the app after not using it since Saturday and my album count (Browse - Overview) has dropped from 500+ albums to 230 odd. Going to Library - Albums I have 211 albums, again, when I last used it I had over 500 Qobuz albums.

If I go to Qubuz in Roon - My Qobuz - Favourite Albums, I see all 500+ albums.

Why is Roon now dropping over 50% of my Qobuz favourite albums? When I browse albums in Roon? Is a Roon issue or a Qobuz issue.

I’d like to pick up a Roon subscription as well as keep Qobuz, but if they don’t play nicely, something has to give.

Are any of these albums doubles of each other, i.e. more than 1 version of the same album favorited? If so, then Settings/General Change “Show Hidden Tracks and Albums” to Yes.

Thank you for the reply. I haven’t changed any settings since I set up Roon about 3 weeks or so ago. It’s been good as gold for the last 3 weeks and was working excellently over the weekend, I just opened it up today and it’s decided to cull half of my albums.

Your issue may be related to this…

Ironically I don’t think I’ve favorited one album using the Qobuz app, I’ve done it entirely using Roon, as I much prefer the interface and suggestions from one artist to other.

Thanks for the link though, I’ll have a read thoroughly and see what I can make of it. :blush:

Apologies, I misread (or read too much into) your post.

But I think it’s not beyond the realm of possibility that the two issues are related. As noted in the other thread, Roon is aware of a syncing issue with Qobuz, is working on it and expects to have it rectified (but no specific timetable for that).

For what it’s worth, although I have issues getting Roon to recognize albums favorited via the Qobuz app, I’ve never had anything disappear from the Roon library once it has been added.

I’ve just had a thought, I work in Holland, the only thing that’s changed since me playing music at the weekend is the fact that I’m now in Holland and not in the UK, although, it worked just fine when I was here the week before last - although I actually spent last week in the UK and added most of my Qobuz albums in that week.

I have lost probably 300 albums from Roon that used to be in my Library - Albums list. I actually watched Roon drop albums from 300 something down to 211 on the Overview earlier today, for no reason.

I can’t add anything to my library on Roon at the moment, it’s just stuck syncing, I wonder if using my VPN will fix it?

It’s syncing! It’s going from 325 up to 400…

Okay, so I turned on my VPN, connected to the UK and I now have all 539 albums.

That is odd…

Can someone from Roon comment on why I can’t access two thirds of my albums when connected to a Dutch ISP, but I can when using my VPN back to the UK? I can access all the albums from the Qobuz app itself, so they obviously aren’t regionally locked, I wouldn’t expect they would be either.

Chris, since you’ve asked for someone from the support team to respond, I’ve moved this thread into the Support category in the forum, where it will be read by them. I’ve also flagged the team down by this: @support. Someone from the team should be along shortly.

Thank you, Geoff. Much appreciated.

Hi @Kalavere,

I met with the team to discuss your report and wanted to follow up here with their findings.

Using a VPN would not have any effect on how Qobuz content syncs to Roon. This working was likely a coincidence — The morning that you tried this was the same morning that we worked with Qobuz to resolve a syncing issue, so it was likely this solution that resolved things, not the VPN. Moving forward using a VPN should not be necessary for syncing with Qobuz.

Thank you kindly, Dylan. I was holding off buying a subscription and my trial was fast running out.

As you’ve already explained, it’s been good as gold since my last issue and I’ve happily purchased a subscription.

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