Roon now crashing on launch on Win10 macbook

Core Machine

Win 10 Pro on 2015 MacBook Pro boot amp, 8GB memory

Network Details

Ethernet and WiFi

Audio Devices

Allo digione signature

Library Size

17000 track

Description of Issue

When I launch roon, it crashes. White box with red x through it. Everything was fine yesterday. I tried rebooting several times, same crash. Please help.

Hello @Jack_Neber,

I am so sorry we’ve missed such a critical issue for this long - please accept my deepest apologies :pleading_face:

Just to clarify, is the Windows OS running on a Mac as a virtual machine? If so, do you have any GPU drivers? Could you please uninstall them and manually reinstall them if applicable?

Thanks in advance :pray:

Hey @Jack_Neber,

I am hopeful that since the last time we engaged on this thread, you’ve been able to launch Roon on your Windows 10 Macbook.

Would you please share with us any updates you can? :nerd_face:

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