Roon now highjacking iPad volume since update

The issue that I’m experiencing actually has nothing to do with the lock screen. While fully logged into the iPad I open Roon Remote, and it instantly resets the volume of my iPad, which persists after I switch away from, or even fully close, Roon Remote.

Also, I think that the “Answered” note that has been added to the title is misleading. It clearly is not an iOS requirement that Roon Remote must reset the volume of the iPad, since it never did so before (and nor does any other app that I have ever used).

To clarify, this change isn’t due to the lock screen controls, which can be disabled. Roon can now use the hardware buttons on the device to adjust the volume of your zones even if lock screen controls are disabled. This feature requires the volume from the zone to be synced with the volume of your iOS device.


Ok, I understand. So that means that there isn’t an option to disable the iOS hardware volume control for those people who don’t want to use it? I think there should be a way to disable either the Lock Screen controls and/or the device volume controls.

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The reason I nominated this new “feature” as the bug of the decade is because it potentially can result in hearing loss. That is a pretty big bug!

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Hi folks, I just wanted to give an update that I talked to our product team about your feedback. I can’t offer timelines or provide specifics, but we are investigating what options are available to make improvements based on your feedback. Thanks to everyone who has reached out so far about this!


Don’t know if the following was reported already, I hope so but it’s highly annoying. Is Roon looking into it?

When I switch app on the iPhone volume is 100%:man_facepalming:

Sorry but it’s very irritating because no issues with other app.

Also behind the scène could you tell us more? Is it emulating AirPlay? No dev resources for a real iOS app?


Hi @Gigatoaster,

I moved your feedback over to the relevant thread. Please see my post about it here:


Thanks Dylan for the follow-up. Any info on my other questions you could share with us, by any chance?

Explained earlier in the thread:

Thanks Kevin. What about:

Also behind the scène could you tell us more? Is it emulating AirPlay? No dev resources for a real native iOS app?

Personally, I can’t provide any more ‘behind the scenes’ insight beyond what’s already been explained (I didn’t build the feature :slightly_smiling_face:). But if you have specific questions that haven’t been answered, let me know and I might be able to check with the R&D team.

I’m not sure what you mean by this, can you rephrase the question with more detail?

That won’t help here – native or not, the way hardware volume controls work in iOS doesn’t change. We’re starting to veer off-topic, but if you have suggestions for areas in the app that need improvement, don’t hesitate to submit or vote on a suggestion in #roon:feature-suggestions.

i have configured my streamer to fixed volume.
every time i open the roon app on the ipad the volume of the ipad is set to 0.
i never have the need to control the volume with the buttons on my ipad :wink: so this should be configurable or better be automatically disabled in case the volume can‘t be changed…


Same here with iPhone 12 iOS15. Other media apps always launch with 100% audio level now which is NOT pleasant. I lower it to say 20% and next time it’s up to 100% (which my Lumin/Roon setup is set to). It’s great if I can control my Roon end point volume but it must not overrun my volume setting for other media apps. Can I solve this by some settings?


I ran into this issue last night on my iPad. I was not using the Roon app at the time. I usually play one particular audio file before I sleep at a very low volume level using the iOS built-in audio player. To my surprise, it played at 100% volume.

I hope this issue is fixed soon.


“i have configured my streamer to fixed volume”. Ditto. Not much use as a feature, and stops me listening to other content on my phone. I guess it could be useful to control a Sonos via the Roon app, but that’s not exactly my primary use case.

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I’m adding my vote to do something about this terrible feature.

As my other post shows, not only is it annoying, it doesn’t even work! Both volume buttons on my iPad decrease the streamer volume. Come on.


The Roon Remote App on iOS is now unusable. when volume on my BlueSound speaker is on 18 about 60dB measured with dB power amp amp the iPhone volume is adjusted to about 20%.
This makes it difficult to hear the phone ring and also makes it super annoying switching between apps having to adjust volume between each app switch.

IMHO if this is how hardware button volume control is supposed to work on iOS then please revert to previous version functionality with volume control in the Roon App only controlling the playing device.

I am looking forward to this being fixed or removed so I can use Roon on my iOS devices again.


I my case the phone’s volume is also adjusted when I use the “software” slider in the roon ui. So even when I am not touching the hardware buttons, the device volume is changed.


[quote=“Roon now highjacking iPad volume since update [Roon Investigating], post:2, topic:172588”]
Like all other apps that implement this feature, the volume of your iOS device and the volume of the device you’re controlling are synced in order to make this work.

In auralic Lightning DS this is not the case in my experience.

Yes I also have that problem as well as the hardware buttons. the Roon volume control should not adjust the iOS device volume unless it is the endpoint.