Roon NUC: set-up without screen?

I’m looking at buying the components to set up my own Roon ROCK server on a NUC, the install guide says you need a screen and keyboard but I won’t need those as I use an iMac and MacBook at home. Is there any way to set up your NUC without an external screen and keyboard?

No, unfortunately you have to see what you are doing and need to type in commands.
I set up a NUC with Windows for a friend and was able to do it with my TV and a HDMI cable. But even that was a little wonky.

Thanks! I’ll try my TV :slight_smile:

I went and bought a modern monitor, cost about $50 as I recall.

But it’s funny how technology moves forward and sometimes leaves us dangling. Long time ago I bought a subwoofer with digital room correction built in. It came with a mic but for the user interface it had an S-video jack, top of the line at the time. When I wanted to adjust the room correction many years later I no longer had a TV/monitor with S-video, they were all digital. How long until HDMI is pathetically obsolete…?