Roon Nucleus+ and 6 channels of DSD256 => PCM 88.2khz -- processing can't keep up

Hi, I have recently setup my Nucleus plus and transferred my music to it (installed Scan Disk SSD 2TB). Unfortunately i am getting some errors while playing DSD over to my Trinnov Altitude 32.

When my core was my pc I had no issues and the processing speed was always above one and reaches 6 if needed.

I tried to lower the sample rate conversion but still it did not help.

The error that i am getting is

Roon: An audio file is loading slowly. This may indicate a performance or hardware problem.

The signal path is
processing speed: 0.6x
DSF DSD256 6ch

DSD to PCM conversion
DSD256 to 352.8kHz PCM

Sample Rate Conversion
352.8kHz to 88.2kHz

Bit Depth Conversion
64bit Float to 24bit

Trinnov Altitude32
Roon Advanced Audio Transport

Trinnov Processor
Bass Management

Trinnov Processor

Analog/Digital Outputs

Hello @Naser_Alomaira,

Thanks for contacting support, my apologies about the slight delay in getting back to your here. That does sound like unexpected behavior and I would like to confirm a few things so that we can better assist here. Can I please ask you to temporarily disable all DSP functions and try playing a DSD256 track and provide a screenshot of your Signal Path Information? Additionally, can you also please try playing a 16/44.1 file with the DSP functions turned off and post a signal path information for that test?

Once you’ve run that test, please note the exact local time and then we can enable some diagnostics and cross-reference the logs to get a better sense of what’s going on here.

Please let me know after you have performed the above tests and we can continue from there.


I have conducted the tests and disabled the DPS functions

The flac is not creating any issues with me, with regards to the “exact local time” i am not sure what do you mean. If you mean the time then you will find it on the lower right corner of the screenshots. Note that I am living in Dubai.


What is the CPU of your old Core machine?

6 channels of DSD256 + PCM conversion + downsampling is pretty heavy work.

Hi Danny
Was using my normal PC, Intel core i7-4470K CPU.

I noticed that DSD128 files are no issue as well. It seems that my problem only lies with the DSD256.


What signal path processing speed did you get with the i7-4470k?

Your i7-4470k is a fan cooled device that can turbo boost 3.7ghz and sustain that performance for long periods of time – the fanless Nucleus+ can’t turbo boost for such long periods, so while it is faster over shorter periods for things like searches, it can’t sustain that for long periods of time (like playing music) without building up too much heat. Unfortunately, that means for 6 channels of DSD256 w/ all this sample rate and format conversion, the CPU can not handle the load.

I’m surprised the i7-4470k could do it, but I’m guessing it was just barely doing it.

Just changed the core to the old system to check the speed it was 1.1 only. But I am not getting the error of loading the file.

If the Roon nucleus+, I could come to terms with that, since it would mean only to download the DSD256 files to a lower format and things would work as intended.