Roon Nucleus and Bluesound NODE - Static Noise playback

Annoyingly am back with another issues. Please note my 1st 2 years was trouble free, but the last 7 months are completely opposite.

Roon Nucleus v1
Vega Dac G2
Wired Connections
Ping: 117 ms
Download: 46 to 50 Mb/s
Upload: 9 to 10 Mb/s
I will not repeat/bore you with my previous issues.
The latest one, I am beginning to feel like “one compromise too much”.

A month ago i bought the Bluesound NODE and all wired. Also Digital out coax to Vega Dac G2.
i made this purchase to explore other streaming options + all the connectivity to virtually anything out.

It worked brilliantly until today, whenever i stream from Roon and choose NODE as end point. It plays Static Sputtering Noise. I trouble shoot it for hours - in the end i gave up.

NODE plays OK within its eco-system.

By the way, i didn’t sign into my Roon or Tidal accounts in the NODE but my library is shared.

My simple question is: Why do everything that works before are no longer working. I know something is not right but how do we solve it - another compromise?

I had a similar problem. Hopefully my experience can help some. Everything was running fine for a couple years until recently. I noticed it was after some Bluesound firmware update. I tried every trick in the book that I had read about from swapping DAC’s, running Roon with no DSP on factory default, running everything ethernet wired, changing network switch, reinstalled Roon, factory reset on the Nodes, trying all the settings in the Node, reset and reinstalled my Synology NAS OS, re-link my Tidal Account and more…
At the end, I remembered that before using Roon I had linked one of my nodes to a networked library on my NAS in the Settings->Network Shares (which is redundant if you use Roon anyway) and by disconnecting that library from BluOS. Problem went away.