ROON Nucleus and CenturyLink internet

Will be losing my comcast cable internet soon.
Only other choice might be internet service from Century link.
Has anyone used a Nucleus with Century link?
Does it work ok ?
Thank you

The Nucleus will use internet. Whomever the provider it should work just the same.

You will probably have to fight with IP address changes when you swap out providers if you are using their modem vs your own.
But otherwise, you should be good.

Thank you
I know it sounds like a dumb question but have heard lots of complaints about the quality of service provided

My parents had Century and they were a truly awful service.

The nucleus should work provided your ISP can route packets.

I don’t know about its service quality, but I had solved a customer’s network problem caused by this brand of router which does not support multicast properly. (You need the network to handle multicast properly otherwise various network audio protocols, including Roon and our products, will not work properly).

The solution was to turn the router in bridge mode, then buy another decent router.

Thank you. Are you talking about the router century link provides?

Yes, that’s right.

I am using Roon with CenturyLink GB fiber service. The CenturyLink provided modem/router is model #C4000XG. It has worked well for me.

I have run Roon core both on a Mac mini and now on a NUC ROCK installation, both instances with the Roon device connected via Ethernet cable directly to the router. My Roon endpoints are also hardwired, although when using the Mac mini I did stream to a couple of Roon endpoints via WiFi without issue.

My overall network has some TP Link unmanaged switches in the chain and again I’ve had no issues.

Like any other service there have been a few outages when there was an upstream issue, but overall I have been well pleased with CenturyLink as a provider. I did decide to purchase the modem/router as an upgrade to the original router that was installed with my service both to get newer modem/router technology and also to do away with the monthly modem/router rental fee.

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Thank you
This is just the thing i was looking for
Appreciate you taking the time

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