Roon Nucleus and "internal storage (optional)"

Forgive my ignorance, but – if one is buying a Roon Nucleus primarily for streaming (Tidal/Qobuz/Amazon HD?), why would one need to buy/install ANY storage inside of it at all? Wouldn’t it work – and work WELL – just as a streamer? Isn’t that why they are saying “optional”? Isn’t this just for local files that you want to bring/house as part of a collection? Or to forgo streaming from subscription services altogether? I truly don’t know!

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If you don’t have any ‘local content’, i.e., your own files, and intend to just stream from Qobuz, Tidal etc, then there is no need to install an SSD for file/music storage into the Nucleus.

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Any other streamer you’d look at that would be cheaper and do as well? I have an external DAC, Topping D10.

The Roon Nucleus isn’t strictly a ‘streamer’.
It houses, and runs the Roon ‘core’/ROCK, which Roon needs to run on your network.

True. I’ve got an old Dell Windows wheezing with all my Roon stuff on it. Would be nice to just use that as a computer again.

An intel NUC running roon would be a Lot cheaper.

Hi @Jerry_Sander,

The internal storage of a Nucleus would be only for storing local content. If you have local content you can store it on an internal drive, a USB drive, or NAS. If you do not have any local media, this will not be necessary.