Roon Nucleus and Listen to Computer Audio through DAC

I have been trying to figure this out and can’t seem to find an answer.

I currently use my PC as a Roon core, and have a nice DAC (Chord m scaler and Dave) connected to the computer through USB through which I listen to both Roon and computer audio (eg. YouTube). I am thinking of getting a separate Roon nucleus to serve as my core. I would still want to have my DAC connect to my PC. Could I still listen to music through Roon plus listen to audio directly from my PC? Thanks.

Yes, of course you could. With Roon installed on your PC, the Nucleus Core can play to your PC as Roon endpoint, and you could also play audio from other software installed on your PC to any USB-connected DAC. Not simultaneously, of course. I sometimes do something similar with my iMac with an attached DAC. It can serve as Roon endpoint, and I can also output computer audio (e.g. movie sound) from the iMac to the attached DAC.

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As @Andreas_Philipp1 noted yes the PC and associated/connected audio devices become visible to the roon core…but this is only when the Roon client (you have to select the new core in the pc roon setup and this also will deactivate the lic as a core on your PC) is running.

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Thank you all.