Roon Nucleus and no HQPlayer

I have been using Roon Nucleus for a few months now as my sole music storage, streaming and playing device connected to my Bower and Wilkins Formation Duo. I love the simplicity of the setup. What is the advantage of using a separate HQPlayer? WHat are the deficiencies in the Roon Player that an additonal HQ Player can improve? I would love experts to guide me in this area. Additional HQ Player mean using a computer in addition to the Roon Nucleus. I like using my ipad and iphone as the remote. I do not like the idea of an additional computer and adding comlications. What do you say?

People use HQPlayer to increase SQ. It is a very intensive program and needs a good computer to run. Also, once Roon passes the stream to HQPlayer, you will need HQPlayer endpoints, not Roon.