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I currently have a Nucleus and use bluesound end point. I am now revamping my entire system and have the whole house wired with new speakers. I can add Roon Whirl to have 4 additional zones. If I run nucleus as an end point can the whirl act as end point. How nice will it play with my control 4 automation?

Hi Rajesh,

Any zone that is visible in Roon will be visible in the Control4 app, so if the Whirl is exposing 4 zones in Roon, then it’ll expose the same in Control4.

The Nucleus has to be the Core (for the time being) since you need to use Nucleus Core to use the Control4 modules, but since the Whirl is a RoonBridge device, all outputs should automatically appear.

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Hi @Rajesh_Ramachandran ,

I wanted to touch base with some good news! We have added Crestron/Control4 support for Whirl Audio - Whirlwind, a Nucleus is not required to use the Crestron/Control4 modules with this unit any longer. If you have any issues setting it up with the modules, please let us know.

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Please take this all with a grain of salt as I am no expert on this at all. It’s my understanding the Whirlwind would give you 4 unamplified zones, so you still need a way for each zone’s speakers to be amplified if they are passive speakers. Which would be true regardless if Nucleus or Whirlwind as a Roon Core. If you connect a Roon Core server (Roon or Whirlwind or other) to Control4 system via USB (or HDMI I think) to a DAC, connect the DAC to Control4 and have Control4 amplifiers to connect to speakers, that seems like that would work. Still hard to understand why 4 unamplified zone outputs would be needed from a Whirlwind since Roon allows different zone groupings, but I can see that some people may always have a need for a much more complicated setup than in my house with only one other person.

Hello @Zombeezy ,

Yes, this is correct.

This is so that you can have different content playing in different rooms. For example, you can have one playlist going in the kitchen, internet radio in the gym, critical listening happening in the listening room, etc.

It’s too bad that there isn’t the support that’s needed for Control4 that already does this functionality. Sadly that seems like Control4 is a dead end from a Roon. Based on that support I wouldn’t recommend Whirlwind. There’s no positive track record of Roon supporting products like this.

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