Roon Nucleus as CD player?

A lot of people must be in, or go through the transition from owning a lot of CD’s towards streaming/Roon. The CD rip function is cool in the nucleus, just attach a regular CD drive to the USB, pop in the CD and after it’s done ripping, the total album is stored in your Library.
Since ripping take a significant time and maybe I don’t want to convert all my CD’s (yet), it would be great if the Nucleus + normal simple CD drive to USB could function as a CD player. Pop in the CD, press play. Since the DA conversion is done via the DAC attached, then the nucleus basically only has to “feed through” to the DAC as usual. The additional function needed would be the control, play/pauze/forward/back/next/previous and for this a remote receiver to the nucleus (or the remote of the DAC) could make this happen.
All this would make it possible to get rid of the bulky CD player, have a drive that is used for ripping as well as playing CD’s

Makes sense?

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Not possible at the moment. You could make this into a Feature Request, and post it in the Feature Request category of the Forum, where it will be read by the Roon Labs team.

Hi Geoff, thanks for the suggestion. I just did.