Roon Nucleus cannot be found on local network

Since switching to a new router with full fibre Roon is unable to connect to my Nucleus Plus from both ethernet connected PC and ipad/iphone via wifi.
Initially the wifi route worked but,after disconnecting the Nucleus,Transporter and Naim Uniti Core rebooting the router and re-connecting I have no sign of the Nucleus at all.Roon fails to connect and advises checking network settings.
Any idea how I can solve this please ?

I assume that you’ve not used the Web Administration Interface to set up a static IP address on the Nucleus for use with your previous router?

Can you see a list of the IP addresses of devices (PCs etc.) on your home network in the new router? Is the Nucleus listed there?

Frustratingly,I’ve gone into my broadband supplier’s hub manager and found the Nucleus listed as “Not connected “! At least I now know the router knows of it’s existence.

Sounds as though it had been connected at one point and issued an IP address, but for some reason is no longer being seen in the home network. Your cables are all good?

That’s correct Geoff.I went into the hub manager and the Nucleus and Squeezebox Transporter are listed as being present but not connected.Unfortunately there’s no “connect” option.I may need to wait for a visit from the broadband supplier’s engineer.

There won’t be. The list is simply telling you that these devices were seen on the network in the past, and can no longer be detected. This usually can be caused by:

  • They are switched off
  • The cables are faulty
  • They have IP addresses in a different subnet to the one that is being controlled by the router.

Power down all the networking and connected devices.
power up the modem and router and wait a few mins then start turning on all the stuff like NUC and PC etc

do you recall if you had the Nucleus on static or DHCP address.

last option if you connect a USB keyboard to the Nucleus and hit enter
then type


and hit enter again

reset network will set the interface back to DHCP note its all one word lower case - plug in an HDMI TV to the nucleus if you like to see what IP address it getting or using

Thank you @Geoff_Coupe and @wizardofoz for your very practical suggestions :pray:

Hello @Robert_Moxom and thanks for letting us know of the trouble you ran into. I was wondering if you have any updates to share about this?

We’d love to help :nerd_face:

Dear Rebeka,
I echo your thanks to Geoff and the wizardofoz.
I have heard from the BT community (BT are the broadband provider here in the UK) about accessing Hub Manager to look into the router settings.
I can see the Nucleus listed as disconnected but there is no obvious way of reconnecting.I have therefore made arrangements for our local IT shop to connect via TeamViewer on Tuesday to see if he can alter things in the router to re-establish connection to Roon.
I got quite excited when I found Roon Nucleus and Transporter listed on the Hub and was expecting a simple “connect” button but no such luck !

Hey @Robert_Moxom,

I cannot believe that I’ve missed on your post until today :see_no_evil: . Please, accept my apologies.

I was wondering if you can share with us any updates on how things have unfolded? :nerd_face:

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