Roon Nucleus cannot restore backup, migrating from Mac

Roon Core Machine

MacBook Pro, M1 Pro, 16 GB RAM, macOS Venture 13.0.1
Roon Nucleus, rev. B

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Google Nest WiFi, Netgear gigabit ethernet switch GS305

Connected Audio Devices

KEF LS50 Wireless II connected to network via ethernet

Number of Tracks in Library

900 tracks

Description of Issue

I am unable to restore a backup from my Roon Core (Mac) to my new Roon Nucleus. When I restore the backup to the Nucleus it completes to 100% and asks me to restart the Roon app on my Mac. Upon doing so the app cannot find the Roon Nucleus. Accessing the Nucleus web interface says that 100% of the database storage is available so it seems as if nothing is getting copied over. Upon further restarting the Roon app I am able to attempt to setup the Nucleus, but the same issue ensues.

This same issue occurs if I set up the Nucleus as a new Roon Core and then try to restore the backup.

Is anyone able to help?


Welcome to the Roon community, @Mitchell_Harris.

Have you followed the steps in the following guide? For instance, instead of logging into the Nucleus, did you click on the “Restore a backup” link?

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I should have clarified in my original post this is how I am initiating the backup.

This is the guide I’ve been following. I backup my library and database backup to a portable SSD and plug that into the Nucleus.

I’m able to select the RoomBackups folder and select the latest backup, but after that is where the process fails.

Can you clarify this? You should use Roon’s file browser to select the RoonBackups folder only, and then Roon’s Backup Manager will take over and show you the list of Backups to choose from or delete.

Is that what you are doing? And how, exactly, is the process failing? (error messages or screenshots would be useful). Thanks.

Hi Geoff,

That’s correct. I’ve attached a video to this post of the error.


I think I’ve seen this glitch before on my ROCK system - after you’ve restored the file, and relaunched your Nucleus (and it is showing the red “not ready” icon), then you need to reboot your Nucleus to clear the glitch. Please try that. The video was very helpful, BTW.

Thanks Geoff!

I ended up getting it working by restarting the Nucleus, and then when following the setup process: signing in to my Roon account rather than selecting restore from backup again. Once signed in my database was loaded on the Nucleus.

It turns out that the backup did load to the Nucleus, but it wasn’t clear that I had to sign in again.


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