Roon Nucleus+ can't update firmware from Version 1.6 (build 416) stable

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I try re-install OS already but the software can’t be udpated.

Why are you still on 1.6 ? It may be that Roon is looking for 1.7 as a starter to goto 1.8

1.8 was introduced in Feb, has the Nucleus been switched off.

I am not sure you will have access to 1.7 to go 1.6 => 1.7 => 1.8

This issue happened for someone else recently. I think Roon Labs have to do something on their end to resolve it for you. Hang tight - someone from Support will pick this up soon.

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I ran into the same problem, just having receiving a Nucleus today though have been using Roon for years. Seems strange a new machine from the factory would be sent out with version 1.6 when 1.8 has been out for months. I was able to get the Nucleus and running by opening another core on my IMac. From there I reinstalled the Roon operating system on the Nucleus from the webpage. I then restarted the Nucleus from the site and then was showing that 1.8 was then loaded. Then switched back to the Nucleus as core while deauthorize get the previous core on the IMac and everything loaded just fine.

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Hi @Jayce_Nguyen

Can you try clicking Reinstall under the Operating System section of the Web UI and then reboot? That should help here. Thanks!

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