Roon Nucleus + continues to randomly not see a Samsung EVO 870

Roon Core Machine

Operating build V1 build 254
Server V2 build1182
Software V1 build 14

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Comcast xFinity Router - Nucleus + to router via RJ45
Mac Mini with current software running SMB with Nucleus +
EVO 870 physically mounted in the Nucleus +

Connected Audio Devices

Nucleus + to router, Mac mini to router both via eithernet, Nucleus + to DAC vis USB

Number of Tracks in Library

93,752 tracks in FLAC ALAC from 44/16 - DSD 256

Description of Issue

I have written about the EVO 870(EV) in the past, the same issue continues: the EV simply disappears from Roon.
OS does not see the EV either in their SMB when the EV drops: smb://nucleusplus/Data/Storage/InternalStorage
EV has no issue with using an external HDD with SMB.
I do not have issues with the EV. I have tried three of them, one under warrantee.
The loss of EV seems random, and once it flickered on and off.
The IP does not show “Internal” at all at all when Roon does not see the EV.
The only fix I have found is to physically remove the EV, reinstall, and restart.
The issue is present over many of Roon’s updates and OS updates.
I do not have issues with the drive when Roon sees it.
I am thinking I have a hardware issue in my EV.
Currently, Roon does not see the drive, so I will not reinstall in the hope you can help solve my annoying issue.
I am willing to send my unit to you if need be.
Thanks very much.

edit, my EVO 870 is an 8TB ssd. I see Samsung has EVO 870 in 4TB also

Do you mean QVO?

Hi @Christopher_Seiffe,

My apologies for the delay in responding to your post. I appreciate your patience.

Can you please share with me what the format is for the drive? ie FAT, FAT32, NTFS, exFAT etc. We currently have a known issue with non-exFAT drives getting a “dirty” flag that only a chkdsk /f can fix. The workaround is to clone the drive and format it exFAT to avoid the issue altogether.


Wes, thanks, no issue with timing, I understand the holiday catch-up
Rugby asked if I am using an EVO or QVO. I just confrimed QVO, Thank you Rugby.
The format on the SSD is what Roon formats with. I can look and confrim if you tell me how.
The drive I used to populate the SSD is in Ex-FAT.

Hi @Christopher_Seiffe,

You would need to disconnect the drive and connect it to a computer. The only way, unfortunately. That said, you mentioned that the drive was formatted with Nucleus and I had missed that previously. Your drive should be in the proper format.

One thing I can tell from diagnostics is that the Nucleus can see your boot drive but there is no hint of a Samsung anywhere in the logging. This obviously matches your situation.

This only leaves a couple of options. The SATA cable is bad or loose, the connector on your Nucleus is bad, or the drive itself has failed. If you can connect the drive to a computer somehow, whether or not the computer can see it would tell us whether or not the drive is bad. Using the same cable to connect it might confuse these results though. Most desktop PC’s have an extra SATA cable for you to connect a new drive though. Connecting to laptops will require some kind of adapter. Cables are cheap too.

Before you try anything, just reseat your cables for the drive inside your Nucleus. Hopefully that is all it takes.


Wes, thanks, just to be clear i have the 1st Nucleus +, the taller of the two.
I will reseat the SSD connector 1st, and advise.
Following on the rest of you post:
The SATA is affixed with the rails in the Nucleus +, the rails attached to the SSD, so I don’t think the dive is loose as it does not move. Could be the connector is loose If so, how do I correct?
I ordered a cable to test the SSD. This is the 3rd drive, so I don’t suspect the SSD. If my laptop sees the drive, that is good. But to reiterate, the Nucleus + does see the drive every time I physically re- install it. The drive does its vanishing act randomly and with more frequency.
When I pull the drive out, I will see if I am comfortable messing with the cables inside the box beyond the simple looking one above the board. It may be best to simply replace the Nucleus + cables also. Are the cables available?
How to test the Nucleus + Connector? Is the connector terminated in such a way that I can test it?
How would I replace the connector?
Thanks for all you help thus far, I hope this s not an ongoing issue. I don’t want to use spinning media, and I don’t want to buy a Nucleus + V. 2.

I reset the cable to the SATA connector, and the Nucleus saw the drive. So I don’t think the drive is the issue. Working now.
Because the problem is random, you may hear from me again.
Sorry for my delay, but every time I checked this site, it was down
So all good for now. I hope the fix is permanent as you suggest it might be.
Thanks very much for your help.

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You’re most welcome, @Christopher_Seiffe. Enjoy the music and please do let us know if you encounter any further issues.


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