Roon Nucleus + crashed during a rain storm

Roon Core Machine

I have two Roon Nucleus+ servers, one at the cabin and one at home. During the heavy storm that hit Northern CA a few weeks ago, the one at the cabin apparently suffered some internal damage when the power suddenly failed. Later we discovered 40 or 50 large trees blew over and brought the electrical lines down over a 50 mile radius. A full week later, power was restored but now the Nucleus can’t find the external storage hard drive. I took it home and swapped out the good Nucleus for the damaged one and got the same result with the other (good) hard drive. Therefore, I am assuming the USB port is damaged in some way. How and where do I send my Nucleus+ in for repair?

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Further Reach Satellite modem network at the cabin - it is too remote for any other form of internet service. The Modem connects to the NightHawk WiFi unit directly via Ethernet cable and another Ethernet cable connects to the Nucleus+.

Connected Audio Devices

BlueSound Node 2, which still works just fine. Plus the usual CD player, Roku, etc.

Number of Tracks in Library

The hard drive has 1.18 TB of data, all in either WAV or FLAC formats.

Description of Issue

This is not a software issue. Rather the server cannot find the hard drive. I swapped out hard drives but the problem remains, so I believe the problem is within the Nucleus+ itself, unfortunately.

Hey @Robert_De_Mattei,

You have my apologies for the delay in following up with you here! I’m sorry to hear about your Nucleus, and hope you didn’t run into additional damage from the storm.

As a next step, are you able to access the webUI of the Nucleus? If not, can you test out plugging the Nucleus into a monitor via HDMI and let me know what you see?

I’ll be on standby for your reply. :+1:

Hi there, I got it up this morning. Internet has been out for a week, so I am just now getting back to emails. I clicked on the web address, I got this - OS =OK, Roon Server Software = OK, Roon Labs Software = OK, Roon database and settings = OK. When I booted it up, it needed an update along with a database update. That was kind of weird, since it just did that the day before the storm hit. After the update, it seems to play okay and can access the hard drive where the music is located. Meanwhile, I got an RMA tag with shipping label to send it back and have the Motherboard replaced. Maybe I should take this unit back to the cabin and make sure it plays okay there? It’s a four hour drive from here but if it plays there, perhaps the update and database update cured the problem?

Also, most of my playlists are stated as “Unavailable”, although the albums in the playlist are accessible.

Hey @Robert_De_Mattei,

If things are functioning properly, I would certainly continue to test before sending it back for repair.

Could you provide more information around this?

Are they playlists with local content, or playlist from Qobuz or Tidal? I would first re-login to either of your Qobuz/Tidal accounts and see if they get refreshed. :pray:

The playlists are all local content. However, what has changed is after the server was disconnected for several days, I connected it and tried it one more time before packing it up and sending it back. Oddly, it reinstalled the update that it did the day before the crash, then indexed the database, and now it is working just fine. I left it on and I will check it again in a week or so to see if it is still working. If so, I will assume it self corrected what ever problem it had or, if not, I will send it in.

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