Roon nucleus crashing every day requiring reboot

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Roon Nucleus

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Ubiquiti gear, wired

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Devialet d400

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Description of Issue

Every day when I go to access Roon from any device it says it can’t find it. If I go via the web browser it just spins. I have to unplug it and plug it back in and then it works. When I connect to HDMI there don’t appear to be any error messages. I think I have a bad desk but need to know how to diagnose it and then repair it. Please help

When you have hdmi connected to your nucleus, they’ll be an IP address displayed. Are the first 3 blocks the same as other devices on your network?

Yes. and no error msg. Here is the HDMI screen. Prior to it crashing I can log into it. After it crashes I cannot nor can Roon see it. I have to reboot.

Perhaps your suspicions are correct, and you have a bad M2 drive. If you’re sure the layer 1 stuff is good, you could first try re-installing Rock and restoring your backup to see if the problem comes back, or do the same on a new drive.

Mike - can you help me understand what these are. .

“layer 1 stuff”
“M2 Drive”


“Layer 1 stuff”: have you tried a new network cable, & are you sure all connections are solid, eg, flashing lights on network ports?

You can reinstall the OS from the button on the web admin page. Though, with a Nucleus, you may just want to wait for @support to respond.

Is anyone from Roon actually checking the boards? I’ve had multiple questions out about this issue and nobody has responded other than users, for which I’m thankful. How do I escalate to actually have ruined employees respond and help me?

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The support team are automatically notified by every new first post in the Support categories (#support #support:nucleus-support #support:metadata ) and will respond. However, the support team is small (5 people), and the queue of requests can get quite long, which is why good help from users can assist in resolution.

In summary, your issue seems to be that your Nucleus appears to lock up, and drop from the network - it can neither be accessed by Roon Control devices or via the Web Administration page. Presumably it will also no longer be shown in the router’s list of active devices.

Rebooting the Nucleus brings it back on line for a time - until the next lock up occurs.

As @mikeb suggests, reboot your Nucleus to get it online, and then reinstall the OS. If that fails to remedy the issue, then it’s over to the support team to suggest the next steps.

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Ok. . I did what was suggested. Rinstalled the OS and this morning I can’t access the Roon from an app. If I go via the web interface I get the attached. So, which disk do I replace and can support give me directions? Thanks.

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Hi @Adam_Crafton1 ,

Thanks for sharing that screenshot! Unfortunately, the missing Networking section indicates that your Nucleus hard drive is experiencing hardware failure and the unit needs to be sent into our service center. I’ll follow up via private message on this forum to gather purchase and shipping details, thanks!

Have a Roon nucleus that was working fine but in the last few weeks it is crashing regularly and also giving a message of “database and settings not ready” from the GUI (see attached photo). When I go to the HDMI connected display it does not show an error that I can tell (see attached photo). I am guessing it is the SSD. .can you guys help diagnose?

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