Roon Nucleus difficulties after unintentional power disruption. I need help

Roon Core Machine


Networking Gear & Setup Details

Netgear Nighthawk, all connections are hardwired.

Connected Audio Devices

Blusound Powernode & Vault

Number of Tracks in Library


Description of Issue

I accidentally killed power to my system. I’ve done this before and everything reboots fine. NOT THIS TIME. Roon is asking all sorts of start up Qs, doesn’t recognize that I’m signed into Qobuz, doesn’t recognize the Nucleus, doesn’t recognize the Powernode. I am streaming via Qobuz directly (with all the drop outs that never happened when I was running Roon). I need some help or I’m killing my subscription.

Restore a backup would be the first port of call I think


What diagnostic steps have you taken so far. Do you have a backup available?
If you often kill the power I presume you have.

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First steps…

Can you actually see the Nucleus in your network?
If not can you connect a monitor to it’s HDMI port and reboot and see what appears on the screen?

Thank you.

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I’ve removed several comments here to get this topic back on track and address editorial commentary from a customer with a large library parked on an outdated, underspec, Celeron platform.


Hey @Keith_Ewing,

We’re sorry to hear that you’re having issues here. This would seem to be complicated by the abrupt power cut to the Nucleus and what seems to have been an Roon Os update immediately afterward. Was power only cut to the Nucleus or other components in the system, router etc?

Are you able to connect to the Nucleus via your Remotes? If so let’s start with a simple reboot of the Nucleus by going to Settings>Setup>Find Roon OS>a rebooting in the top right hand corner. You may want to reboot the router as well. Also, if any Bluesound devices also had power cut make sure those endpoints are still on your local network in the BlueOS app.

After the Nucleus comes back online, if you’re asked to walk through the initial start up steps please try to restore a backup and let us know if this helps.

We’ll be watching for your reply and get back to you as quickly as we can.

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I have waited to reply because this has been so frustrating that I didn’t want to communicate until I’d been away from it for a day or two. Here is screen shot. As far as a backup, I don’t do them because I’m not interested in them. So I have to recreate playlists and favorites, it’s not a worry to me. Anyway, I’ve rebooted all the components more than once, like I said Qobuz and Bluos seem to be working fine. It’s just Roon. I uninstalled and reinstalled the software for Roon and Qobuz and Bluos. I’m at a loss.

Sorry, but is that screenshot one that you’ve just taken, or one that was made before the power disruption?

this is current state, thanks. following the screens that request me to select a streaming service and everything nonsensical to do with start-up of a new account.

Jamie, you asked about remotes. No. Nothing. I am convinced it is the Nucleus. I see another thread where somebody suspects the server for the Nucleus. Either way, I’m not an expert. Again, my internet, Qobuz app and audio endpoints are all functioning.

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Hi Keith,

Just a fellow user here, in wanting to help with suggestions, the descriptions and picture posted left me a bit confused on the actual problems.

The following is what I got from your description, but, I just wanted to verify :

  1. Audio Devices not Appearing under Settings/ Audio (namely the Bluesound devices)
  2. Qobuz not able to connect

As to # 1, if correct a couple of suggestions while until @jamie returns.

A screen pic of the Settings / Audio page would help support I think, even if it is just empty.

I would also check the IP addresses of the BlueSound devices vs the Nucleus, to make sure they are on the same subnet. Based on your picture, the Nucleus has an IP of The BlueSound devices IP should also start with 10.0.0 with differing final values. Sometimes during a power failure, DHCP servers can redo IP addresses and cause issues.

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Hey @Keith_Ewing,

From checking your system diagnostics it seems that some of your Remotes are running older versions of Roon. Let’s start by having you restart your Router, then update all of your remotes. you can do this from the app store on your mobile devices such as your phones/tablets.

If possible please post a screenshot of Settings>Audio

If your Bluesound devices aren’t displayed on your Audio page make sure that those devices are still showing up in the BluOS app. Please let us know if this helps.


thanks. but this doesn’t look good. in fact, the last screen shot shows Roon actually locking my computer - I could not close that screen, could not escape, couldn’t do anything besides a control-alt-delete then log out to restore my normal operation. very scary. not happy. otherwise:

also, jamie, it this helps at all, i keep getting this email from roon - never had it before the problem started, now, every single time i log in or, more accurately, i’m forced to re-login, i get this email??

I get that message sometimes when using VPN as it changes apparent location. Not sure this is the case for you.

Just for clarification, where are your local files stored? From your screenshot, they appear to be held on a device (a NAS?) at IP address

And that email you can ignore - it’s a security check that was added to Roon a few months back - every time you log in afresh to your Roon account, you should get this email to check if it really was you logging in…

Yes, that’s a Bluesound Vault, a NAS.

Can you show a screenshot of the Settings > Storage screen of Roon? I’m curious to know whether there is just the “Watching for new files in real time” message, or whether there is an error message shown.

thanks for the interest. i checked the IP addresses for my devices, which i had locked, and indeed they are still matching the Nucleus 10.0.0…

as far as “older versions of Roon” i would assume the updates are automatic. whenever i’ve been prompted, i’ve agreed to update. also, because i’m suspect that Roon has somehow messed itself up, i’ve mentioned that previously, since the last “update” at least, the Roon app has been closing itself down if i scroll or search for music - the music still plays, i can bring the app back up, but what gives? none of this weird wonky behavior was happening prior to the last update. anyway, updates ought to be automatic. if not, then the app store is not providing anything i don’t already have because my only option is “open.” i’m losing patience. it may be time to call it quits with roon. can i get a prorated refund for my annual subscription?