Roon Nucleus difficulties after unintentional power disruption. I need help

This is probably a different issue. The app that is closing is the remote, so it’s closing has no effect on the server which is actually playing the music.

What is the remote that is affected? (Make model, OS). Do other remotes act the same? ( Meaning if you were referencing you PC, does your phone have the same issue?)

Generally, I would suspect a graphics issue. You might try updating the remotes graphics drivers (assuming a PC here), to the lastest from the manufacturer and not from Windows update, if you are using a Windows PC.

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I’ve cancelled my auto renewal which thankfully expires in a few weeks and I don’t have to waste any more money. Why cancel? Zero support for this critical error problem with Roon. Things were great for a couple of years and I used to recommend Roon. No longer. Buyer beware.


Zero support? We’ve been trying to diagnose what’s going on.

However, it’s your prerogative to cancel. Farewell.


Hey @Keith_Ewing,

I’ve merged your new thread with your previous one to keep all our support and troubleshooting efforts consolidated in one place. But also, to maintain some transparency here. Please understand that I’m not trying to argue with you or exacerbate your frustration; but, it’s not accurate to say you’ve received ZERO support. You’ve gotten help from several knowledgeable fellow users, the moderators, and myself.

Your initial issue, an unresponsive Nucleus due to an accidental power cut to that device has been resolved. It seems that you’ve also gotten your endpoints restored, your remotes to reconnect and you’ve indicated that you’ve been able to play music.

However you’re still having a problem with a remote. Am I correct here, or are there other problems as well?

Some updates can be set to install automatically. Such as those on Roon OS, Mac, Windows, etc. Others cannot, such as Roon Remote on iOS, or Android. Those have to be installed manually - just the same as all other apps on those devices. Citibank, YouTube, Roku Remote, 5x5 Strong Lifts, Qobuz, every app in Google Apps or Apple Apps acts the same way.

Finally, we emphatically do want to get you going again. Whether you still want to cancel is up to you, we hope that you don’t. As you’ve said, this is the only problem you’ve had in two years with Roon. That’s a great track record - let’s get you back there.

Please tell us what you’re experiencing now and give us as much detail as possible. That will get us to the fastest resolution. What’s happening on your end? What device is it happening on? Is it happening on other remotes also? Can you play music?

Let us help you Keith. We want to help you.


Jamie that is an unwelcome and inappropriate comment to make. My system works well and was purchased to run the predecessor software to Roon. I switched to Roon on the recommendation of one of your dealers. I can always switch back.

Hi @Stan_Kennedy,

Your system isn’t working that well though is it? You’ve routinely had issues with using that machine as your Roon Core. I’ve spoken with you in PMs and courteously recommended that you consider a change. With nearly 150,000 tracks on a Celeron-based underpowered NAS you’re going to have problems. We don’t want you to have problems.

You’ve told me that you’re happy with the experience you’re getting and that you don’t plan to migrate. We can’t force you to change, that’s your decision.

I will ask; however, that you don’t jump into another customers’ thread to misrepresent your issues as Roon software problems when you’ve been advised that you’re likely to have trouble with the machine that you’re using. I’d appreciate your cooperation with that. Thanks!