Roon Nucleus - Does it run a tailored version of ROCK?

Does the Roon Nucleus run a special version of ROCK? Or is it the same software that I would install in a NUC?


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The version which runs on the Nucleus is customised for the Nucleus, whilst the other is customised to run on various other devices.

But ROCK only installs on NUCs as far as I know, and the Nucleus+ is a straight-out NUC7i7. Do you say that with specific knowledge?

Without searching out the specific quotes from Danny, I seem to remember it has more to do with custom optimisations for the fanless case than anything else.

The Nucleus version of Roon software is tailored from the Nucleus passive cooling setup. There could be other differences, IDK.

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Soz. Poor choice of words on my part. What I meant by various other devices were all the NUCs ROCK can be installed on.

It also includes the home automation abilities which isn’t on rock.

Interesting. What are those?

There’s a whole topic on the forum. Crestron, control 4. How can you have been on here for so long and missed that?

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I only read what sounds interesting to me. Crestron and Control4 does not. Alexa or Siri might.

Roon Nucleus runs a special version of ROCK.

Crestron and Control4 gives a lot of possibilities. There is a reason Roon does not enable these features for ROCK - they want to separate the normal NUC with ROCK vs Nucleus. We should all be happy they makes the Roon ROCK available for free.

Yes, agreed

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Nucleus alone would hardly be a sustainable business model. No need to be crazily thankful. It’s still business not friendship.

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Roon core runs on any (at least the most common ones) OS out there - I’m seeing the Roon ROCK as a bonus.

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ROCK is not the operating system, the OS is RoonOS, ROCK is the whole DiY kit and caboodle it stands for Roon Optimized Core Kit. RoonOS is different for ROCK and Nucleus. RoonOS for Nucleus is not available to download and is only shipped installed on the Nucleus. It has optimisations for the thermal management specific the the fanless design of the machine and has additional drivers so it can be installed in the premium home automation systems. One should not install the freely available version of RoonOS on a Nucleus. Unless advised by the Support team or you run the risk of toasting it.


It is the same. There was a support thread recently where a Nucleus owner had to replace their M.2 drive. Danny (COO of Roon) told them to download and install ROCK, activate it, then call support and they would convert it back into a Nucleus (enabling Control4) from their end in a matter of seconds.

It’s is not the same at all if you leave RoonOS for ROCK on a Nucleus it will overheat as it’s not got any heat management. It was a very temporary solution to be remedied straight away for that case as you can’t download the Nucleus version. Danny has said this many many times and recently in the last week as someone reference that exact ticket and he corrected them.


I just want to make this absoutely crystal clear: