Roon | Nucleus Dropping Frequently

Back once again as Roon cannot stay connected and is frequently dropping. I cannot access it on my iPhone (waiting for your roon server) and the desktop app is either not connecting or when i do manage to connect it constantly goes between “waiting for roon server”/“uh oh somethings not right” and pretending to work. Everything is amazingly slow. I went thru this 10 days ago. As a lifetime subscriber AND owner of Nucleus+ that felt Roon would be something amazing to work with - its becoming more and more frustrating to continue to use it. I was just here 10 days ago, with a very similar issue.

Sorry you’re having problems, Maxwell. Roon staff don’t work weekends, so volunteer users are all that are available.

You are probably aware of the support template. You might want to fill that out so anyone can help.

The first item anyone will ask for is a description of your network and setup. If your Nucleus is connected to the network wirelessly, they will then ask if you can test it in a wired configuration.

But I’m not the guy to ask or answer these questions, so I will just wish you good luck, and know that when it becomes stable (not if), you will love Roon.

@Maxwell_Gosling - In your previous Support request, @daniel noticed a lot of network timeouts in your logs - which definitely points to a network issue.

I assume that you have followed the advice to change your DNS settings to use Google or Cloudflare’s DNS servers, but there still seems to be a network issue present.

I notice from your screenshot of the Nucleus’s Web Administration Interface that you are using a static IP address on your Nucleus - and the IP address is (was?) Are you sure that this is not an address that falls inside the range of IP addresses that your router’s DHCP server will be using? There may be an address clash occurring with another device on your network - both devices having the and this will cause problems.

Please give full details of your network hardware and setup configuration to aid in further diagnosis. Thank you.

hey there,

so yes, after last this happened changed over to cloudflare dns servers. the IP for the nuc+ is, yes, and checked into the router noticed that my iPhone is also connected at same IP of .7 - perhaps that is creating an issue? would it make sense to re-assign the nuc+ to a higher number? not sure how to even do that but that was my first thought.


OK, so IP address clashes are definitely causing you issues here.

You may have have two options for where you set the CloudFlare DNS servers. IMO, the preferred place to set them is in the router (replacing your ISP’s DNS server addresses). Then Cloudflare will be used for all the devices on your network.

If, however, you can’t set the DNS server addresses in your router, then you will have to use the static address settings on your Nucleus, rather than the (preferred) DHCP setting.

And if you do use the static address setting, it is important to set the IP address of the Nucleus to an address that is not within the range of addresses used by the router’s DHCP server. Look at your router’s DHCP server settings to see what the range is, and then set the IP address of the Nucleus to fall outside of this range.

For example, if the range is -, then you could set the IP address to be (e.g.)…