Roon nucleus dropping off network

(Daniel Houghton) #22

Hi Noris,

when I connected the Nucleus directly to the modem/router I got the same issues as before. Streaming stops, the remotes say they have lost connection to the Core. The Core is uncontactable via web or remote. Sometimes the Core would come back after a couple of minutes and everything would work OK for a bit until the next disconnect. Other times I had to turn the Nucleus off, either via the switch at the back. Sometimes that didn’t seem to work and I would pull the power plug, wait 30sec and restart. The disconnects of the Core on the Nucleus have been more frequent of late.
Meanwhile the Core on the other PC seems to be chugging along OK with no streaming issues so far.

(Noris) #23

Hi @Daniel_Houghton,

Thanks for letting me know that info. Since it does seem to be just the Nucleus here, I would go ahead with the system reinstall to see if it will help. You can use the Web UIto perform this:

Please let me know if that helps, hopefully it does but if not I will get a case started for you with our QA team.