Roon Nucleus+ FLAC radio to Chord


plase let me know if Roon running on Nucleus+ is capable to convert HD internet radio from FLAC to PCM.
Why? Just because I do intend to use a Chord Scaler + Chord Dave DAC and Chord M scaler is capable to work, to upsample only PCM, no DSD, no FLAC.
Thank you in advance

FLAC is just PCM compressed with a lossless digital compression method, not very different from what say, zip, does in compressing files. Roon on the Nucleus takes FLAC source material and sends their PCM content to your audio gear via USB. You should be fine.

More important thing is can you actually get the internet radio stream address, to import into Roon.

If you mention what it is, maybe someone can check for you.

Thank you for your response.

Yes but only for compatible types of FLAC radio stations.

This is indeed a far more important question. Some stations are supported, some are not.

@Bogdan_Gabriel You need to state the FLAC radio stations you want to listen to.

Iā€™m changing the title and moving this thread.