Roon Nucleus+ generates clicks where there are no clicks in the music file

Core Machine (Operating system/System info/Roon build number)

Roon Nucleus+ Vers.B / Roon last Update 1.7

Network Details (Including networking gear model/manufacturer and if on WiFi/Ethernet)

connected by Lan

Audio Devices (Specify what device you’re using and its connection type - USB/HDMI/etc.)

Roon Nucleus+ direct connected by USB to T+A MP 2500 R

Description Of Issue

Roon Nucleus+ generates clicks where there are no clicks in the music file

When playing music files,

iTunes AIFF 16/48 , via the Roon Nucleus+ with SSD,

irregular clicks occur during music playback,

at always different playback positions,

that are not part of the music (not on the CD and not in the iTunes music file).

The music is played back via the T+A MP 2500 R (Roon Ready) DAC USB input .

Enclosed are the following Roon settings:

The Master Clock setting Standard generated the least clicks,

the Master Clock settings 1 and 5 and 7 generated considerably more clicks.

Otherwise the Roon application and the music playback-

Quality is fantastic, absolutely super.

Many thanks and kind regards from CH-Dornach (near Basel)

Michael Strickrodt
near CH-Basel

Is the firmware in the T+A up to date?

Yes, all Firmware up to date, from T+A, Roon software und Roon Nucleus+

The question seems to be: Why? As you correctly state, the MP 2500 R is listed on the Partner Devices Matrix as a Roon Ready Network Device but it’s not listed as Roon Tested USB Device. Using Ethernet instead of USB might resolve the problem.

The T+A MP 2500 R was connected by USB und by Lan (RJ45).
I can see the T+A two times in the Roon Software,
USB is the T+A DAC connection (not in use) and
over the Lan (RJ45) connection is the normal Roon function.

In the normal Roon function I get the irregular clicks.

I have done screenshots from the settings,
how can I post here the screenshot settings?

See here.

It might be a good idea to include a picture of your signal path while playing a file that generates the clicks.

Have you just disconnected the USB and only run through network?
Or disconnect the network and only run by USB?
Why have both connections if you only use one?

Enclosed are the following Roon settings:

Picture%202 Picture%203 Picture%205

Now, I must finish for today evening, I have to getup early in the morning,
here in Basel Europe it is 11:03 PM (23:03) in the night.

Thank You to All.

I have connected both to the T+A, USB and network.

With the USB connection I try to use the DSD512,
but in the Roon software there is only the DSD64 und the DSD128 setting
and the DSD128 setting sounds not very god, it is to cold hard analytic.

The best sound I have got it over the network, please see my Roon settings.


Hi @Michael_Strickrodt,

Does the same behavior occur when playing to both Roon Ready and USB output for this device?

If you disable all DSP settings is there any change?

Do other endpoints play the same content okay?

I am having the same problem with my NUC i7 connected to a T+A MP2000 mk2 streamer over ethernet.The T+A is also a streamer and plays the songs without cracks but the software of Roon is a real joy.
All ethernet cables are U/UTP cat6.

Now I have disabled the volume normalisatie / lautstarkeanpassung.
So far so good.

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Hi All,
now I am back.

Thank You All for your input.

T+A has fixed the click Problem with a final new update pacage 107,
after that no more clicks.

I have also a NAD M10,
on this device I had never clicks.

All devices are connected by LAN cable from Audioquest
over Ethernet Silentangel switch Bonn N8.

Since the T+A update 107, the T+A MP 2500 R is running perfect,
I think, there was an incompatibility between Roon and T+A
after the great Roon 1.7 update.

Roon crash on Sat.25.Jan.2020, 16:47 Europ, 4:47 PM:

I have to tell you something strange that happened before the 107 T+A update.

Roon played perfectly with T+A MP 2500 R via LAN connection
without clicks all day long,
until 16:47 european, 4:47 PM in the afternoon.
A new music title started and
suddenly the music stopped playing,
nothing, absolutely nothing worked.
After a Roon-Nucleus restart,
many clicks during music playback,
it was a terrible thing to hear.
I switched to a USB-DAC connection,
no more clicks!
This is weird.

No more clicks after the T+A 107 update!

Bye Michael

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