Roon Nucleus has gone off-line

I have had my Roon Nucleus for over 6 months and had no issues. But as of last Friday (Dec 9, 2022) it has gone off-line. When I try to access my Roon Nucleus the app says “Looking for your Roon Core”. My Nucleus is connected via ethernet straight from my internet service provider.
I have uninstalled and re-installed the Roon app several times, along with re-booting all equipment several times.
My Nucleus is on IP address The Nucleus is also on version 1.0 (build 227) stable.
I am able to reset the Roon Nucleus via the app. I can also reboot and power off the Roon Nucleus via the app, but these are the only actions that seem to have any effect on my Nucleus. I would appreciate any help or suggestions.

Hi @William_Bambrick,

My apologies for the slow response from Roon. We have a couple of people out of town (and if they flew a particular airline, stuck there!).

It sounds like a hardware failure of some sort. Can you please connect your Nucleus to a monitor or TV for me and let me know what you see? If you would, please take pictures of the screens so we can ensure we get you on the path to resolution with as few responses as possible.


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