Roon Nucleus installation

I am using a MBP as my core for Roon, I am absolutely delighted and am wanting to purchase a Nucleus. I am not tech savvy but was really surprised at how fast and easy it was to get Roon working with my system. (Naim Mu-so 2nd Gen, Mu-so qb, Chord Mojo/Poly and some Sonos).

Now comes the silly questions.

Am I right in thinking that the only connection I would need is the Nucleus to my Router?

Would I have to remove my MBP as the core before I started set up?

Currently, if I close my MBP, Roon stops and hence the music stops, this wouldn’t happen if I had a Nucleus?

1 - Yes, connect Nucleus to your router via Ethernet
2 - Take a backup of your Roon Library First, to restore on your new Core
3 - With Nucleus, it would run 24/7 as a headless Roon server, but a more cost effective solution world be to run ROCK on a NUC, again on 24/7 as a headless Roon Server, and ever so quick and easy to put together.

Hi @David_Ibbotson,

Correct, once the Nucleus is connected to the network it can be accessed from any remote device on the network.

You’ll want to follow the migration process outlined here.

Correct, if you start playback from a remote and then close that remote playback will continue as long as the Nucleus is running and connected to the output device.

Thank you very much Edmund.

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Thank you very much Dylan.

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