Roon Nucleus IP shows in scan, but will not connect after database backup

Set my Roon Nucleus to backup the database via Apple tablet. Cannot access Roon s/w from any front end device (Apple tablet, PC WIN 10). Ping of Nucleus fails on multiple tested connects (where connectivity confirmed to device, but device confirmed as not working). Roon Nucleus show lights on when tested, IP when scanned, no Ping connectivity when scanned. All protection s/w for network (e.g. McAfee, Malwarebytes, etc was disabled to test). Connectivity had been working well to Bryston BUC-1 USB Converter and to KEF L50 wireless. Sounded very good for many months.
What the heck happened after a Roon d/b backup? Does the Roon Nucleus require a complete re-install? Do I re-install the Roon app on the Apple tablet and the WIN 10 PCs? How the heck can I possibly re-install the Roon Core on the Nucleus when it lights up but cannot be pinged or accessed?
Mark C.

Can you connect a monitor to the HDMI port of the nucleus and see what the display says when you reboot it?

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It was operator error. And I worked on it a week before posting. Ugh. The mass of connections to a network extender was the source. It went down after a db backup but that was not the cause.
Very happy to have Roon operating again. It is top shelf. The algorithm opened my ears to fine music.

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