Roon Nucleus is not accessible on network and won’t reboot

Hi, my Roon Nucleus used to work properly (but with the more mentioned drop-outs). Suddenly at one point I could not connect to it anymore from my remote. I don’t see it at all on my network.
I already completely powered it off for some days, now It still won’t boot. White led on Nucleus is on however.
I connected display through HDMI and it says: Reboot and Select proper boot device or Insert boot media in selected Boot devise.
Press a key only gives another -same- message.
How can I get my Nucleus booted?

There is no longer a bootable drive from which the Operating System is loaded. This implies that the PCIe SSD is faulty, has unseated, or the boot order in the BIOS has changed.

Is the Nucleus under warranty?

Yes, it is still under warranty.

I’m sure Roon support will pick up this matter after the weekend.

If it was purchased from a dealer then you should contact them first

Hey @Rob_Janssens,

Thank you for getting in touch. Can you please post a picture of what you’re seeing when the Nucleus is connected to your monitor via HDMI? Thanks!

I don’t have a screenshot here right now, but it is exactly the same as this one from another poster. When I press Enter, nothing happens, there is only one exact same message added.

Hey @Rob_Janssens,

Thank you for your help posting in the image. We’re sorry for the trouble this has caused you. @Martin_Webster and @wizardofoz were on target, that message is indicative of Nucleus hardware failure. If the unit was purchased from a dealer please reach out to them for next steps.

If it was purchased directly from Roon please let me know and I’ll contact you here via PM with RMA details. Thanks!

Thank you. I have already contacted the dealer and will be bringing the Nucleus in.

Thank you for getting back in touch @Rob_Janssens. I’m happy to hear that the process is underway. Please let us know if we can help with anything else. :v:t2:

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