Roon Nucleus loses contact with tidal and Qobuz

Roon Nucleus keeps losing the contact with Tidal and Qobuz. No problem with the radio stations. Roon Nucleus has a wired connection to the internet, so no wifi. This problem started after the latest update of Roon.(1.8)

Hi @Paul_de_Man

Does this happen during playback? Do you receive any error messages? Are you able to still browse and playback TIDAL/Qobuz content after this happens?

Can you share some details on your network setup and audio devices that you use?

I thought I solved the problem by uninstalling and reinstalling both apps (computer and tablet).
This morning there was another update (build 790) and the problems started again there. It seems that the Roon Nucleus is losing connection and I have to reconnect to the Roon Nucleus. As mentioned above, I have connected the Roon Nucleus to the internet with a fixed connection. I don’t like the problem anymore.

I’m having the exact same problem. Losing connection to Qobuz, it seems randomly. If I close out the remote several times and reopen, after maybe the third time, the connection is established again. As I say seems to be random. Also the connection can be lost but Roon will skip the track and go to the next track. Seems to be a bug in 1.8. Didn’t happen at all with 1.7. I too am all ethernet on my network except for my iPhone. Heck. I even went out and got a new router, thinking that would help, and also I was thinking of doing that anyway. No improvement. Please fix this bug. I stream a lot on Qobuz. Oh and I have had my Nucleus maybe a week. Had the core on my Mac Mini previous, running 1.7, no issues.

I will also say it only happens when I stream Qobuz. Doesn’t happen when I play from the internal SSD. Next time I stream, I will take note the kind of files involved, HiRes or 16/44., or both.

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Having similar problems since latest upgrade on my Nucleus+. First, couldn’t play Qobuz tracks, restricted to library only. Then Qobuz lost completely, seemed to have signed out somehow, and no Qobuz history or tracks accessible. Signed back in, got Qobuz data back in library but tracks ‘not currently available from Qobuz’ message appears. Tried Qobuz page from menu - no data and sometimes check network connection message. Checked but no network issues on the system. Qobuz working fine outside the Roon system.

Not sure exactly why but problem now resolved. I did several reboots so a network conflict issue can’t be ruled out.

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