Roon nucleus no longer visible

My roon nucleus core is no longer visible.
I have rebooted the nucleus and checked the ethernet connection.
When I am in the roon Mac OS app, I just have the “Looking/waiting for the core” symbol on the screen (SAME on my iPad & iPhone).
From time to time, just for less than a second, the “Select roon core” screen pops up (I have the impression with a RED dot besides it and written “Intializing” (I think)), but then returns to search mode.
In my roon apps (Mac & iOS) I have NO acces to any of the functions (such as set up, storage, audio,…). And even when asking “About roon” or “Prefrences” in the menu (Mac OS app), nothing happens.

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Hi @Jan_Leysen

Are you able to reach the Nucleus Web Administration Interface?

If not, can you try connecting your Nucleus to a TV or monitor via HDMI and share a picture of the diagnostics screen that displays?


Hi @Jan_Leysen

I just wanted to check in on this and see if things are working for you now. If you’re having any trouble please see my post above. Thanks!

Still working. Thanks for your FUp!

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