Roon Nucleus not connecting to Pro-Ject DS2 DAC. Solved with new cable

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Direct USB Connection to Pro-Ject DS2 DAC

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This isn’t a request for support but rather some help troubleshooting for future me’s

I’ve had my Roon Nucleus connected to a Schiit Modi for a few years, but recently the Modi developed the “cook it in the oven to get it to start up” fault. I purchased a Pro-Ject DS2 DAC but couldn’t get the Roon to recognize it. I tried 2 or 3 cables on hand and swapped them between the 2 outputs. The Modi would get recognized but the Pro-Ject wouldn’t. Before I returned the Pro-Ject box, I tried one last hail mary, a new higher quality cable. Not expensive but newer at least. It worked. DAC recognized right away. Hopefully this helps somebody down the road