Roon Nucleus not detected on network (ref#3UC72T)

Affected Product


Nucleus Model

Nucleus+ Rev B

Description of Issue

Roon Nucleus is no longer detected by network

RAM & Internal Storage

RAM: 16 GB, Internal Storage: 4 TB

Connected Audio Devices

MacBook Air, iPhone, and iPad via Wifi

Home Network Details

Nucleus is connected to Netgear RBK7535 Orbi Router via Ethernet connected to Citron DOCSIS EN2251-RES via ethernet


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I had a similar issue pop-up on Sunday with my RevA Nucleus+. However, toggling airplane mode on my Apple devices (M1 iPad Pro 11" and iPhone 14 Pro Max) seemed to resolve the issue. Ironically, also using NetGear Orbi RBK753 mesh system.

Oh and welcome to the forum!!

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Hi @Courtenay_Gallon,

Thanks for your patience while our team works through each thread! Following up on your issue, I wanted to check in and see your current status. We’ll likely need to set up and RMA to send the device in for repair.

Let me know, thanks! :+1:

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Thanks for your reply. I’m still experiencing the same issue. Nucleus+ will power on, however it will not connect to my network. Prior to about to two weeks ago, I experienced no Roon/ARC problems using my current setup. Thanks again for your assistance.

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Thanks for the update @Courtenay_Gallon I will follow up via private message with next steps.

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