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Description of Issue

After the last software update, my Roon Core is no longer found. The app keeps displaying: “Waiting for removed core”.

Roon Nucleus and Roon worked without problems for over a year.

Restarts did not bring any improvements.

I am at a loss.

Connect the nucleus to a screen/TV via HDMI and boot it up to see what it says on screen.

It is nothing to see on TV.

How to boot up?

Switch nucleus off. Connect to screen and switch it on.

Nothing appears :man_shrugging:t3:

Hi @Sebastian_Seidl,

It sounds like something has failed inside the Nucleus … the software update being the catalyst for this failure to manifest.

Most likely the NVMe SSD has died and needs replacing, I would suggest contacting the dealer that sold it to you with a view they test / repair it.

Assuming it’s out of warranty now, if you are competent there are some more involved troubleshooting steps (replacing / reflashing the NVMe SSD, with ROCK and then getting Roon to update it remote back to RoonOS.

However, it’s quite involved (learning curve / time) and requires some equipment and may not be for you, hence my initial recommendation to contact your dealer.

Sorry it’s not better news.

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