Roon Nucleus+ not on network

I have been a Roon user for several years and had my Nucleus+ for about two months. It is hard wired to my network. Once I had it setup properly, it has been flawless until today. Now it is gone. Roon can’t see it, not does it show up on an IP scan. I rebooted it (power off/on) but no joy. Ideas?

Please see here: Wonder if it’s the same error?

Hey @Craig_Martin , apologize for inconveniences - we are looking into this issue right now.

By any chance do you have an ability to hook you nucleus to external monitor over HDMI and check what is being displayed on the screen ?
Also, would you mind to specify whether you have nucleus or nucleus+ and its rev. (A or B) ?

Thanks in advance.


I won’t be able to hook up a monitor before Friday (if then, I don’t have a spare monitor, so I am hoping I can view it on my PC.)

Mine is a Roon Nucleus+ Rev. B with a 4 TB SSD internally and a 1 TB SSD externally.

Hi @Craig_Martin,

We have a solution available for this. You’ll need a USB drive, a USB keyboard, and a monitor or TV to connect the Nucleus to. Please see the post below for more details: