Roon Nucleus One Setup; Need Guidance; Any Consultants Out There?


I currently have the Roon server on a Mac Mini. I was attempting to go the NUC route and an IT guy at work (who was helping me) says that the NUC is not able to download the Roon OS, either via USB or via a CD. I have given up on the NUC and instead recently purchased the Roon Nucleus One thinking that this would resolve my issues.

I would like to know if anyone provides consulting or setup services (for a fee of course). I see somewhat limited resources available online (e.g., YouTube) as far as setting this server up and so thinking it might be best to find a consultant to walk me through what needs to be done.

One issue I see is that I will need to migrate my current database and files (from Mac Mini) to the Nucleus One and perhaps deactivate the server on the Mac Mini.

Another question I have is whether the Roon Nucleus One needs to be attached DIRECTLY to my router in the basement (Verizon) or if I can plug the Nucleus into an Ethernet port in my living room where my TV is located.

In any event, hoping someone can please provide me with his/her contact information and I would look to set up a few meetings via Zoom, probably a total of 1-2 hours I would think.

But I look forward to hearing from you. Thanks, John

First off, for a NUC you would need to install ROCK (Roon Optimized Core Kit) not just Roon OS, maybe your IT guy did not know that? or was the NUC you were trying to use not supported? I (and many others) have this setup and it works great. But if you already have a Nucleus one read on below.

To answer the questions you have in your post:

Not sure if there are too many that would want to give you their contact info, but we can help in this thread. There might be someone that would PM you and help? But if not, see below for the migration guide to read and that will help you through the process.

The Nucleus does not need to be directly connected to your router, it just needs to be in the same network IP subnet address range (ex. 192.168.x.?) as the control remotes and endpoints that you want to use. So if the ethernet port in your living room gets it’s IP from the router DHCP server that also gives out the IPs for your endpoints and remotes, then you should be good to go.

Try reviewing the KB articles starting with these:

After reading the above, if there are any questions, post them here and I or someone else on the forum will chime in to help.


Thanks for the materials. I will plan to review and follow up. Thx. John